Noah Valbuena

web designer, caregiver, and spanish tutor

Are you interested in improving your business by enhancing or starting a website?  Use my skills, together with your ideas to make your website dreams a reality!


Web Designer

Take your business to the next level. My service will improve both your website’s visual and organizational appeal to increase your website traffic and sales. I will work with you to establish an ongoing internet marketing plan, including social media marketing, emailing marketing, and beyond.


I provide professional personal attention and care for the elderly, the ill, or those recuperating. My primary focus is the wellbeing of my clients, promoting their general health by assuring their compliance with medications, diet, exercise and mental stimulation through conversation. I assist in scheduling and I accompany clients to appointments and activities. I also assist with basic household chores. My schedule is flexible, allowing me to accompany clients, should they choose to travel.

Spanish Tutor​

As a native Spanish speaker, fluent in English, I can help struggling students learn this beautiful language. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from UNET, Venezuela. I have more than 10 years of teaching experience in Venezuela. Comienza hoy tus clases de Español.

about Me

Noah Valbuena

web designer, caregiver, and spanish tutor

  • I am from the friendly city of San Cristobal, Venezuela. My parents are immigrants from Colombia, whose effort and dedication has been a great inspiration.
  • As a citizen of Venezuela for many years, holding teaching jobs at the  University of Tachira (UNET), I was instrumental in developing virtual projects and also part of an entrepreneurial business effort.
  • Traveling since I was 9 years old, I have visited many countries. I have enjoyed the opportunity of meeting people around the world through the use of virtual applications.
  • My favorite place is the beach. The sea and sun are two features that make me really happy, so peaceful and tranquil.
  • I love photography. It is the best way to preserve precious moments, although I am not a professional.
  • Since 2016 I’ve been living in various parts of United States: Florida, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Living in the United States has completely transformed my life, allowing me to learn the English language, among many other things.

Customer Reviews

The importance of working with others includes far more than supplying a service. I view it as an opportunity for learning for both provider and client.

Geraldine Stoneley

"Noah is a wonderful Caregiver: kind; loving; excellent communicator; attentive; very knowledgeable about today’s technology; and excellent companion. He is family ”

Franklin Ovalles

"In the beginning I had his support, he made my first logo and my first website. I appreciate all your help at that time it was the best advisor I could have had. Gratitude to you for your support”

Bill Scheible

"He is a special person who can be trusted with a great deal of responsibility, I highly recommend him for any job, I have always found him to be extremely reliable and dependable”

franget ovalles

"He helped me with being able to take on new challenges involving risk and decision making. The things that stand out most about him are his honesty and responsibility, I can always trust him to achieve goals on time.”

Please Support them

I can’t be here without the help of people from my country Venezuela. Join me by helping bring smiles to the kids who are battling cancer. I am very grateful for your generosity.

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